Euro Hailteam

Euro Hailteam is a company run by several hail technicians all over Europe we have no other target then bringing customers and hailtechnicians together , all the selected technicians are experienced hailtechs that do the highest quality work you can find


Is your company hit by a hailstorm , then Euro Hailteam can be on place within 12 hours and start to get your cars dentfree again , we can bring in our own demontage guys or you can choose to keep this in house , we will do anything to make this a smooth and stress free experience

Car owners

As a car owner your also will be in good hands with Euro Hailteam , as we have technicians all over Europe , we can send you to the nearest technician who will help you with everything he can do to make this an worryfree experience and your car repaired to the highest standards


For insurance company’s that demand high quality work Euro Hailteam can be a valueable partner , we not only take care of a quality repair but can also help to calculate the damage , every technician we work with have long time experience in calculating and are dramafree